eOradea (Experience Oradea) was born in 2022. The project aims to contribute to the innovation of tourism in Oradea, to reduce the distance between the information and the tourists through smart digital e-tourism solutions, to train new young specialists in tourism and to increase the number and the diversity of events in Oradea.

oradea digital city tour

100% digital guided tour on your phone

The tour will be available through a web and mobile app,which using geolocalisation serivces, will take you to the most important 10 tourist spots from our city..
The locations will be presented through a short video,, an interactive one, 1 minute and a half long, by which the tourists will be able to understand what are the main characteristics of the location - history, architecture, culture -
all in an informal and friendly way that everyone can understand. The video will also be available in English, Hungarian and German (with subtitles). 

oradea digital city booklet

Any information & answer at one click distance

The brochure is designed to centralize tourist information in Oradea, updated monthly, quickly, informally and punctually addressing topics such as:

  • what you can see and do in Oradea & region
  • public transport and parking
  • assistance to detailed, reliable and specific information sources (e.g. Oradea Heritage, Visit Oradea, OTL, etc.)
  • recommendations and monthly news

Digital and easy to access

The guide will be available on the project platform and on the future eOradea mobile app.
It will be available as QR mini-holders for our partners.

It will be developed with the help of our partners from Flipsnack.

events and school for local guides

Practical training and professional certification programme for guides

3 young people aged 18-22 will be selected to take part in a practical training program to become tour guides. They will participate in interactive guidance workshops and put into practice the notions acquired through the project events. At the end of the program, the trainees will be certified through an authorized (official) professional training course, at a partner agency, in order to be able to work as local guides. 

Events for locals and tourists

Thus, throughout the summer season, we will organize events of a tourist nature, such as guided tours, which will be supported by trainees, and will be available free of charge for both visitors and residents of Oradea.

' talk to a local '

Online or at a cafe

Those who want to quickly find out things about Oradea, will be able to do it easier than ever, using our online chat platform which we will develop, directly from 'locals'.

Those interested for authentic experiences will have 30 minutes meetings with 'locals' at one of our partner cafe. What will happen there? The guests (tourists) will be able to ask their qestions and perceive the city through the eyes of a local.The cost? A hot drink - either a coffee or a tea. Why do we do this? We want to promote a tourism based on authentic experiences, a tourism of contact with the elements that make up a place. After all, every city was made and exists thorugh.. humans. :)

Local ambassadors

The 'locals' that I kept mentioning will actually be local ambassadors, as we will call them. They can be people of all ages whom we will choose following a recruitment process. 

stay informed

The launching of the project will take place (hopefully) in July. All the elements making up our project will become active on this platform and on our future mobile app.

However, we have prepared a series of events until July, so we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to our project and to what we do. Pinky promise we won't make spam.

financing and implementation

Proiectul este finanțat de Oradea Community Foundation, prin programul Bursa Talentelor, cu ajutorul sponsorilor alăturați, și este implementat de Renew Carpathia Association.

institutional partners


project partners


Anybody. We are looking for partners both among local tourist or non-tourist operators, as well as among institutional or non-governmental entities. You can contact us HERE.

We are preparing various collaboration packages/variants to promote the bilateral growth of the partnership, from direct services (eg guided tours) to online promotion services.

For partners in the institutional or non-governmental area, we are also open to discussing how we can help each other.

Any young person between the ages of 16 and 30. We are looking for volunteers for various areas of activity, from marketing & communication to events, blog, etc.

See vacancies HERE and let's team up.

We estimate the launch period of the project in July 2023. However, until then we are preparing a series of activities and events preceding the project. Subscribe to the eOradea newsletter to stay up to date with the status of the project and what we are doing HERE.