About the project

eOradea (Experience Oradea) was born in 2022. The project aims to continue the innovation of local tourism, to reduce the distance between information and tourists through smart digital e-tourism solutions, to train new young specialists in the field and to increase the number and diversity of tourism events in Oradea.

oradea digital city tour

100% digital guided tour on your phone

The tour will be available through web applicationwhich, using geolocation, will guide you to the most beautiful 10 local objectives.
The objectives will be presented in a short videointeractive, 1.5-minute video, from which users will be able to understand the main characteristics of the location - history, architecture, culture -
all in informal and friendly language that everyone can understand.
It will also be available in English.

oradea digital city booklet

Any information & answer one click away

The booklet is designed to centralize tourist information from Oradea, quickly - informally and punctually - addressing topics such as:

  • what you can see and do in Oradea & region
  • digital guided tour
  • public transport and parking
  • assistance to detailed and specific information sources according to needs (e.g. Oradea Heritage, Visit Oradea, OTL, etc.)

Digital and easy to access

The guide will be available on the project platform as a web application and can be downloaded in PDF format.
It will be available as QR mini-holders for our partners.

tourist events and guide school

Practical training and professional certification programme for guides

5 young people aged 18-22 will be selected to take part in a programme
practical training to become tour guides. They will
participate in interactive guidance workshops and put into practice
the notions acquired through the project events. At the end of the programme, the trainees will be certified by an authorised course
training, at a partner agency, to be able to
subsequently profess as guides.

Events for citizens and tourists

Thus, throughout the summer season, we will organize events of a tourist nature, such as guided tours, which will be supported by trainees, and will be available free of charge for both visitors and residents of Oradea.

call & chat center
- remote tourist information centre

Online chat platform and volunteer call centre

The chat will take the form of a messenger platform, where the people behind it - eOradea volunteers - will be able to answer visitors' questions on a daily basis. 

For those who prefer the traditional method - the telephone - our volunteers will always be at the reception to answer questions and guide visitors to the desired services.

stay informed

The launch of the project according to the action plan is Julyhopefully within the first week. Then, all the items listed above should become active on this platform.

To stay up to date with the project status, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Thus, you will be informed about the official launch date and the upcoming events we are going to organise.

financing and implementation

The project is implemented by Renew Carpathia Associationand was funded in 2021 by Community Foundation Oradea through the Talent Exchange, with the help of sponsors.

institutional partners


Frequently asked questions

Anyone. We welcome partners from local tour operators as well as institutional partners and other NGOs. You can contact us HERE.

For partners in the tourism area, we have prepared various partnership packages/variants that will lead to bilateral growth of the partnership (promotion, services, etc.).

For partners in the institutional or NGO area, we are also open to discuss on a case-by-case basis how we can help each other.

Any young person aged between 16 and 30. We are looking for volunteers on various departments, from Marketing & PR to events, blogging, call center, etc.

Sign up HERE and let's team up.

We estimate the launch period in July 2022. Subscribe to the eOradea newsletter to stay up to date with the project status and upcoming events HERE.