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Do you want to join our project? We are preparing partnership packages adapted to your needs. Get in touch with us and be part of the Oradea city experience.

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Anybody. We are looking for partners both among local tourist or non-tourist operators, as well as among institutional or non-governmental entities. You can contact us HERE.

We are preparing various collaboration packages/variants to promote the bilateral growth of the partnership, from direct services (eg guided tours) to online promotion services.

For partners in the institutional or non-governmental area, we are also open to discussing how we can help each other.

Any young person between the ages of 16 and 30. We are looking for volunteers for various areas of activity, from marketing & communication to events, blog, etc.

See vacancies HERE and let's team up.

We estimate the launch period of the project in July 2023. However, until then we are preparing a series of activities and events preceding the project. Subscribe to the eOradea newsletter to stay up to date with the status of the project and what we are doing HERE.

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The launching of the project will take place (hopefully) in July. All the elements making up our project will become active on this platform and on our future mobile app.

However, we have prepared a series of events until July, so we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to our project and to what we do. Pinky promise we won't make spam.

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Oradea Community Foundation
Magazinul Crișul – etaj 2
Str. Republicii nr. 30, Oradea
Pentru întâlniri fizice la adresa menționată este nevoie de o discuție anterioară.

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